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Our common ancestry – David Bullard on Whisky

david bullard whisky

Perhaps it was something to do with the popularity of Downton Abbey on TV but my nephew in London decided to give his mother (my sister) five hours of family tree research as a Christmas present. Checking out where you came from is now a hugely popular activity thanks to a TV programme called “Who […]

Manhattan in Manhattan – David Bullard

david bullard whisky

I’m told the best way to fly to New York is via either Shannon or Dublin airports in Ireland as US immigration procedures are all completed before your flight leaves and you thus avoid the horrendous queues on arrival. It’s worth considering. My first visit to the Big Apple was years before 9/11 and its […]

When your number’s up

david bullard whisky

For the past few months people I have been asking me to join them on LinkedIn. What’s the etiquette with something like this: should I thank them politely and tell them I’m not interested or should I just join and maintain a low profile? What I’ve done thus far is to completely ignore all invitations […]

Whisky Galore

david bullard whisky

My late father was an enthusiastic whisky drinker. When I first emigrated to South Africa in 1981 he and my mother came to visit to make sure I had settled in properly. My parents planned to stay a couple of weeks and since they didn’t want to be a financial burden to their boy my […]

Lost in translation

david bullard whisky

It’s well known that motoring journalists travel the world in great comfort at somebody else’s expense, drive fast cars, stay in luxury hotels and eat at top restaurants. I cannot deny it because it’s true. I know it upsets the lefties at journalism school because they think it leads to “bought” journalism, by which they […]

The unbearable lightness of not being entitled to a tartan

david bullard whisky

Sadly, there is no Clan Bullard. Hence no opportunity to buckle on a Feiladh-beag with accompanying garter flashes and Sgian-Dubh in my hose. Ah Robbie Burns. If only he’d written in English he could have become a best seller south of Hadrian’s Wall. But he didn’t and his virtually incomprehensible poetry still flies way over […]

Fly fishing… it’s all about the kit – Dullstroom

david bullard whisky

Back in the prosperous nineties practically everyone I know bought into a fly fishing syndicate out Dullstroom way, partly because Cyril Ramaphosa was a keen fly fisherman and what better way to get involved in a lucrative BEE deal than by complimenting Cyril on his casting. A share in a fishing syndicate usually involved the […]

Where’s the drinks trolley?

david bullard whisky

Remember the days when international air travel was fun? When the phrase “the jet set” suggested a glamorous globe-trotting lifestyle? That was before cut price airlines turned it into a sort of flying Greyhound bus affair. In the halcyon days when air travel was prohibitively expensive you were assured of a comfortable journey with like […]

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