The enjoyment of whisky is not restricted to elderly men gathered in clubs, seated in leather armchairs, cigar in one hand and crystal tumbler in the other. That’s a stereotype – and Whisky magazine promises never to conform to the norm!

Today’s whisky consumer and enthusiast is young and funky, unfettered by fusty age-old tradition. They love the product – be it a blend, a malt, peated or not. They’re just as likely to enjoy a cocktail as a wee dram – or Irish and American whiskey as a Scotch. It’s about enjoying life at their own pace and on their own terms. That’s why whisky sales the world over are trending upwards.

We agree. No preconceived notions and not too technical, that’s what we say. The team behind it are not a bunch of whisky wonks who get carried away by the more esoteric aspects of whisky appreciation. For us and our readers it’s about enjoying everything associated with whisky and the whisky lifestyle: travel and destinations, fascinating people who have lived life large, food and how it complements the delicious spirit, motoring in its broadest sense – two wheels and four … and heaps more. Of course, we’ll also share the inside track on special bottlings and review brands and distilleries from Scandinavia to the land of the rising sun.


Our journey has begun with the first issue – and already it offers a host of great stories: From the tale behind the scenes of the Johnnie Walker movie ad to the 34-year-old relationship between J&B and The Met horse race; from South Africans owning a Speyside distillery to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s dear old aunty who attributes her 101 years of life to her nightly dram!

We’re not going to give too much away. After all, whisky is a bit of a mysterious, alchemical product which undergoes a remarkable change as it ages in old casks, releasing a bit of its volume to the angels.

And a voyage of discovery always starts with the first step.

Join us on a stroll through the world of Whisky magazine.

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