whisky bible web app

Whisky drinkers across the world are today celebrating the launch of world’s most comprehensive whisky mobile app ever produced; Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible Pro 2012.

Written by whisky doyen Jim Murray, the app features a staggering 4,500 whisky tasting notes, 1,500 of which have been individually tasted and rated by Jim Murray over the past four months.

Designed to harness Jim Murray’s experience and status as the leading whisky writer and author, the app provides quick, honest, and independent whisky advice to users; a feature that will enable anyone, irrespective of their whisky experience, to walk into a shop or bar and be confident of what it is they are buying.

‘People can be intimidated by the high price of whisky, particularly at this time of year when the sheer number of whiskies made available, increases significantly’, comments Jim Murray. ‘ Add the many styles, country of production; finishes and ages on offer, and it’s easy to why people don’t want to take a risk on a unknown bottle which can cost upwards of £50’, he continues.

Launched in a Standard and Pro versions, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible app is available on Android and Apple ITunes platforms.

In its standard format, the app offers outstanding value and choice for those who are simply looking for quick independent guidance on what to expect from any individual whisky. Featuring short-form tasting notes, this format will be of particular use to the inexperienced whisky buyer and those wishing to build their whisky knowledge in ‘bite-sized’ chunks. Featuring 13 individual sets of tasting notes from the key whisky-producing regions of the world, the standard Whisky Bible is priced at £1.49 for each of the regions purchased.

The Pro version of the app is a full-blown mobile version of Jim Murray’s highly rated Whisky Bible 2012. Priced £12.99 this version carries Murray’s full set of tasting notes for all 4,500 entries in the 2012 Whisky Bible, making it the most comprehensive and detailed collection of tasting notes available anywhere on the planet!

Both Whisky Bible app formats feature an easy to use search mechanism enabling users to explore the world of whisky by type, distillery, or brand name. Searches can also be carried out using country, region, and age or by using a single word search facility that enables users to identify whiskies that have a particular taste or flavour profile.

“If I had been a given a Pound, Dollar or Euro for every time I had been asked to give advise on what whisky to buy, I would be a very wealthy man indeed; but sadly I’m not. And whilst I would truly love to be able to answer these questions on an individual basis, I can’t, which makes the launch of the Whisky Bible app such a rewarding exercise. For the first time ever whisky buyers will be able to draw upon my experience, knowledge and my vast collection of tasting notes at a time and place where it matters most; when faced with ubiquitous wall of whisky in a bar or in a retail store. I hope that once armed this app, consumers will be encouraged to explore the rich and diverse world of whisky with confidence“, concludes Murray.

Printed copies of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, priced £12.99/ $19.99 are available through good book shops. Signed copies by the author can be purchased from www.whiskybible.com.