What a great idea. Well done Bascule! You’ve been quite active these last weeks. It is great to live in CPT and attend these events. We do hope the JHB whisky lovers have some places as innovative as our headquarters!

The Bascule team asked us to inform those interested of what will be happening in Bascule for earth hour which is tomorrow night 31 March at 20h30-21h30.

We will be conducting a blind whisky tasting with the lights dimmed in the Bascule lounge.
A bottle of Macallan 12 year old will be awared as a prize to the person who can guess the 4 whiskies with their respective region correctly.

Time: 20h30
Venue: Bascule Lounge
Cost: R95.00 PP

Help us spread the word on the social media sphere please – it is for a great cause!