talisker whisky package

TALISKER™, the celebrated Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Isle of Skye, is being given a new family identity as it continues to grow in markets around the world.

The single malt whisky itself has, of course, not changed.

What’s new?

Powerful maritime photography on the new outer cartons and more prominent maps of Skye on both cartons and bottle labels now anchor the brand more strongly in its rugged island home and emphasise its Made by the Sea character.

Stunning photography

The wrap-around images on the new cartons were shot by Skye-based photographer Cailean Maclean, and feature stormy waves crashing against the Isle of Skye’s rocky and mountainous coast. Cailean’s photography transforms into a striking coastal vista when two cartons stand side by side. The images are reinforced by Cailean’s signed commentary on each scene.

Skye’s rocky coast stars on new Talisker pack

Cailean’s photography features on most cartons, but the Talisker 18 year old carton carries an equally turbulent seascape image by Scottish photographer and Skye enthusiast Angus Bremner.

‘It speaks to our roots’

Mark Lochhead, manager at Talisker Distillery on Skye, is enthusiastic about the new designs: “Talisker is made by the sea in every sense of the word, just as all our lives are shaped by the elements here on Skye. To have this captured in these new designs is exciting for everyone here. At the same time it both speaks to our own roots and helps consumers understand what kind of place Skye is.

“More than this, the strong impression I think the new packaging gives is of a family united, of all the expressions of Talisker now being brought together in one design family, so that Talisker can march forward strongly as a brand in its own right. And understandably, I rather like that idea!”

The redesigns were carried out by Claessens International, the drinks brand design consultancy.

talisker bottle new

Evolved label design for Talisker single malt Scotch whisky

James Boulton at Claessens said: “ “The new Talisker designs are born of our experience, meeting the people at the distillery and seeing at first hand how Talisker relates to its home, the Isle of Skye. Armed with that understanding and building on earlier ‘maritime’ designs, we have added a richness of detail and a ruggedness to reinforce what Talisker stands for and what kind of place it comes from.”

Phased introduction

The new designs are being introduced onto bottles and cartons progressively, as new stocks are bottled and distributed. Talisker 10 year old will be the first to see the new carton in Great Britain before Christmas 2011 and the revised labels will follow shortly in the New Year.

In Great Britain, for Christmas 2011, the new carton for the 10 year old will initially carry the RNLI flash that signals the brand’s support for this famous British maritime charity. In some cases the new cartons will enclose the old-style bottles until stocks are sold through.

The new standard carton and bottle designs for Talisker 10 year old will then launch into GB and other markets in the first quarter of 2012. The new designs for other Talisker expressions will be introduced throughout the remainder of 2012.

At the same time Diageo has announced that from 2011, Talisker 25 year old and Talisker 30 year old will be available on a regular basis within the Talisker range – although necessarily in limited editions, and bottled at the traditional Talisker strength of 45.8% ABV. In the past, these long-aged expressions of Talisker have been issued at cask strength in Diageo’s annual Special Releases series.


Other changes

On both bottle and carton, a redrawn, bolder Talisker font strengthens the name standout; the outline map of Skye plays a more visible role in emphasising provenance; and the more prominent ‘ESTD 1830’ motif underlines the importance of tradition at Talisker. Existing maritime cues about the birthplace of this famous whisky, such as the map of Skye, the Made by the Sea strapline, the compass graphic and the distillery co-ordinates, are retained but strengthened.

Designed to deliver bolder standout on the shelf, the familiar solid blue carton with the embossed map is giving way to the arresting maritime themes (described above), that will carry across the whole portfolio of Talisker expressions, with visual cues to differentiate each individual expression. Other copy suggests pairings with food to match each particular expression.

Greater clarity, stronger impact and better colour coordination with the carton have inspired subtle adjustments to the typography and content of the main labels on the bottles. Highlighting the provenance of Talisker, the map of Skye now stands out more ruggedly, with extra detail to invite discovery. And space has been found for Talisker’s new Sea-Lion emblem, reflecting the 19th century Talisker-Dailuaine heritage and symbolising the whisky’s Scottish heritage, powerful character and links with the sea. Colour banding on the labels and the cartons now clearly signal the different expressions.


Talisker, in its widely distributed 10 year old expression, is a powerhouse Single Malt Scotch Whisky with a formidable peat and sea-salt nose; smoky sweetness with malt flavours; and developing warmth with a huge, peppery finish. It is the only single malt whisky made on the dramatic Isle of Skye, where the distillery has been making this award-winning single malt whisky since 1830. See www.malts.com