The Landmark, a cocktail bar in Bryanston, Johannesburg, is the most recent establishment in the line up to host the Black Bottle steampunk shot machine. The Landmark take their drinks VERY seriously! The décor and intention was inspired by classic landmarks throughout Johannesburg, from the Rissik Street post office to Vilakazi Street – landmarks that have stood the test of time and are very dear to Joburgers. Most importantly, they have an immense respect for classic cocktails which are just as old, if not older, as the landmarks that inspired them. This makes it the perfect venue for the one-of-a-kind steampunk shot machine.

How does it work?

To work this weird and wonderful Heath Robinson-like contraption, all you need to do is buy any Black Bottle cocktail or purchase a special token from the friendly Landmark bar staff. Insert the coin into the slot (a light will switch on), turn the handle and watch your glass travel up the machine on a special platform. It will then be filled with a tot of layered and smoky Black Bottle blended Scotch whisky. Once the glass is ready, the platform moves down again and a bell will ring, signalling that you can remove your glass and enjoy your drink!

“In a world where everything is so glib, fast and instant, the dispenser creates a delicious contrast and theatrical experience with its seemingly intricate dispensing process that’s in fact very simple,” says Lucindi Branfield, the SA marketing manager for the brand.  “It mirrors the Black Bottle identity that’s layered, complex and a little complicated.”

Head over to The Landmark (Bryanston Shopping Centre, Corner of William Nicol and Ballyclare roads, Bryanston) to experience the magic of the Steampunk dispenser before 31 December 2016 when it moves on to its next destination.


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