The luxury single malt whisky, The Macallan, is delighted to announce the showcasing of world famous photographer Annie Leibovitz’s highly anticipated collaboration for its award-winning masters of photography series. as part of The Macallan’s on-going commitment to endorse photography this renowned series, in the presence of legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz of Vanity fair and Rolling Stone magazine fame and acclaimed actor Kevin McKidd, the star of television series, Grey’s Anatomy and Rome, has travelled the globe including exclusive exhibitions in Moscow, Taiwan, Spain and Hong Kong. The Macallan masters of photography series features exclusive collaborations, conjoining the art of whisky making with the artist’s interpretation of the world of The Macallan. Chosen for her exceptional skill and inimitable style, Annie Leibovitz has interpreted four single cask variants from The Macallan, which are being released for the first time, resulting in four powerful images.

The Bar – shot in the red spot Bar, nestled in the town of Hudson, the mood is upbeat, lively and relaxed as Kevin McKidd meets up with friends to enjoy a glass of The Macallan together. Like McKidd, the note of Vibrant oak in the 1991 bottle, makes a statement but is refined enough not to dominate.

“I am the first colour photographer chosen by The Macallan for its Master of Photography series; prior to this I hadn’t realised how complicated and deep the distilling process is. That warmth and richness is what I tried to bring to the photographs. Kevin McKidd drove the imagery. Where Kevin comes from and his rugged good looks are what the photographs are all about. It wasn’t casting, it’s authentic,” comments Annie Leibovitz. The Macallan Masters of Photography: Annie Leibovitz Edition, comprises of 1,000 limited edition bottles. Each bottle contains one of four unique single malts, crafted to reflect the mood of the signed Annie Leibovitz print that it is paired with. The four single cask whiskies have been matured in different cask types including both European and American oak, seasoned with sherry, in different sizes from puncheon to hogshead to butt, to be completely unique and original. The bottle and print are presented in a bespoke photo-archival box, stamped with The Macallan brand and Annie Leibovitz’s name. “The Masters of Photography series is hugely important to The Macallan and Annie Leibovitz has captured The Macallan moment in her own unique way. The brand prides itself on aligning with masters of different crafts” commented Candice Baker, Brand Ambassador for The Edrington Group Whisky Portfolio.


About The Macallan: Founded in 1824 in the heart of Speyside, The Macallan was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to be legally licensed. Since then it has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading single malt whiskies. The creation of The Macallan draws on the vital contributing influences of Spain, North america and Scotland, and of their respective natural raw materials, combined with traditional methods and craftsmanship. From its founding, through the subsequent owners of The Macallan distillery in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and into the present century, The Macallan has been recognised for its outstanding quality above all else.

About the photographer: The Annie Leibovitz edition is the third in the award winning The Macallan Masters of Photography series. The previous two editions were authored by Rankin and Albert Watson. These unique limited edition collections perfectly conjoin the art of whisky making with the artists interpretation of the world of The Macallan as seen through their photographers eye.

The Library – This historic location, modelled on Sir Walter Scott’s library in his home in Abbotsford in the Scottish borders, provided a setting rich in heritage suited to McKidd’s seated, powerful and reflective moment. The deep red mahogany 1995 whisky with rich notes of raisin and chocolate orange has a long, lingering finish which matches the contemplative mood of the shot.

The gallery – In the National gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh hangs ‘Niagara falls from the american side’ by renowned artist Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900). his private gallery in Upstate New York provides an indulgent backdrop to the intense, sensual moment the actor shares with his leading lady. In its accompanying 1989 single malt, burnished oak gives out a rich intensity which, like the image, has a dry finish that teases.