What is a unique whisky?

A single malt is unique. This style of whisky can only be produced at one distillery. And yet year-on-year each bottling is pretty much the same. A vintage whisky is unique. It can only be made from liquid distilled and put in wood at the same time. However there is no effective limit to how much of it can be churned out. A single cask is unique. All of this whisky must come out of a single cask. Typically though a cask can produce up to 800 odd bottles of the same whisky.

Clearly then “unique” – in conjunction with whisky – is a word to be used with some circumspection.
Michel Couvreur has launched one of world’s only truly unique whiskies: the 1983 vintage single cask…which is individually bottled on request. Every bottle of the 1983 will be inscribed with the name of the purchaser and with the date and time of bottling. This individual bottling process means that each and every bottle will spend a different period of time in wood, and consequently therefore will be a different and unique whisky!

This 29 year-old malt is the ideal gift for the discriminating person who has it all, especially with Father’s Day approaching. The unique and personalized 1983 would without a doubt amplify any celebration, and enhance even the most eminent collection.

Michel Couvreur’s range of rare whiskies was officially launched in South Africa last year to critical acclaim. Couvreur is a whisky artisan of long-standing, based in Burgundy in France, and he enjoys a stellar reputation for his highly cultivated maturation process, in which he employs individually selected Solera sherry casks. He and his small team are the remnants of an almost- forgotten golden age, when craftsmanship trumped mass production. He has been honoured in the press with the moniker “Last of the Mohicans”.

Only 20 bottles of the exclusive 1983 have been allotted to South Africa, and they are available at a unit cost of R4999. Should you be interested in securing a bottle please contact us at info@whisky.co.za.