whisky live festival south africa

The day has arrived! Tickets for the 2011 FNB Whisky Live Festival have gone on sale.

You can access the tickets directly on the Web Tickets website. We recommend you purchase immediately for some of the most sought-after tickets are already sold out.


whisky live festival ticketsCape Town tickets:

Johannesburg tickets:


We recommend you look at the Whisky Live Festival website as well to get some more info about the tickets. There are links to the tickets from there as well.

Look out for our special festival edition of “Whisky” that will cover the festival in detail. We would love it if you subscribe to “Whisky” if you have not done so already. You can also pick up the latest issue at your nearest Tops at Spar, but make sure to check the stockists before you go.

For details and the official press release from the FNB Whisky Live Festival please have a look at our PR section.