• Released in 2013, Brilliance uses a six-row barley from the foothills of the Himalayas and is exclusively matured in ex-bourbon casks. Nonchillfiltered and bottled at 46%.
  • The edited is a medium peated whisky from Paul John, made with Indian barley peated with Islay peat. The final vatting contains around 15% of the peated spirit, maturated exclusively in ex-bourbon casks. Nonchillfiltered and bottled at 46%.
  • Bold joined the core range of the Paul John Indian single malt range in 2015. Made entirely with Indian barley peated using Islay peat. Nonchillfiltered and bottled at 46%.
  • A specialist small batch bottling, Timorous Beastie has been created using only the finest Highland Malts including Dalmore, Glengoyne and Glen Garioch. The name Timorous Beastie comes from Robert Burns' famous Scots poem 'To a Mouse'; in which it is immortalised as a timid little field mouse. However this Timorous Beastie is certainly not for the fainthearted!
  • The Douglas Laing blended malt range continues to expand with the launching of Rock Oyster, which has a distinctly maritime character! This vatted malt is made from a blend of malts that come from the Islands, specifically Jura, Orkney and Arran.
  • A 13 year old variation on Douglas Laing's spectacular Scallywag blended malt Scotch whisky! Boasting a selection of Speyside malts within its recipe (all aged for at least 13 years for this expression), Scallywag is a well-Sherried treat for the tastebuds. Also, it's got a Fox Terrier on the label, which we're big fans of.
  • A limited edition 18 year old variation on Douglas Laing's Rock Oyster Island blended malt, made exclusively with whiskies distilled on Arran, Jura, Islay and Orkney. We told ourselves that we wouldn't made a B-52s reference when writing this bottling note, and we're sticking to that promise.
  • The Pogues

    The official whiskey of the legendary Celtic punk band The Pogues, produced by West Cork Distillers. This blend has a 50:50 malt to grain ratio. The malt is a combination of 10yo matured in ex-sherry oak casks and 7yo matured in ex-bourbon oak casks, with the grain a 4yo matured in ex-bourbon oak casks. Developed by Barry Walsh and Frank McHardy (from Springbank fame). Bottled at 43%.
  • An Irish single malt produced at one of the newer Irish distilleries, West Cork, established in 2003, who are also the only Irish distillery to malt all their own barley. Matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks. Bottled at 43%.
  • A blend of Irish malt and grain whisky, both produced at the West Cork distillery, and matured exclusive in American oak, ex-bourbon casks. Bottled at 43%.
  • Redbreast is a beautifully balanced single pot still Irish whiskey, with a warm, generous texture, rich, sweet flavours and a spicy kick. In the view of many connoisseurs, the finest Irish whiskey available.
  • This is the second addition to the 'Spot' range of Irish whiskies, which contains the famous Green Spot Pot Still Whiskey. The Yellow Spot is a single pot still Irish whiskey which has been matured in three types of cask: American Bourbon cask, Spanish Sherry butts and Spanish Malaga casks for a sweeter flavour.